Privacy Policy

Nihon Parkerizing Hiroshima Works Co., Ltd. and our group company are complied with a privacy policy, national guidelines and other regulations, and are established the following policies in order to protect personal information.

Scope of Personal Information
The scope of personal information is all individual data who have acquired in the course of our business activities and services such as name, contact address, phone number, mail address, work place or other personally identifiable data.
Method for Collection of Personal Information
We will acquire personal information such as name, contact address and work address in the course of business activities and services through the document or electronic media and web-site.
Utilization Purpose
We will use personal information only for the purpose of business activities and services.
Unintended use
We will not use personal information other than purpose without no written consent of principal, except where provided for by law or received request in accordance with the law.
Management of Personal Information
We will institute an appropriate steps required to prevent leak, destruction, modification or damage of personal information and attempt to correct those safe management.
Correction of Personal Information
We will respond promptly without objection when it receives a request from a visitor of the website to confirm, alter or delete the personal information of the visitor.

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