Social Contributions
Environmental Activities

Basic Policy

Our main business is to prevent wear and rust of the metal through surface treatment, and we have contributed to the conservation of energy and resources of the industry by doing so. However, in fact, the environmental impact has occurred by corporate activities.
We should realize the environment impact and must reduce it. Our duty is endeavoring to keep providing the products and services friendly to people and the environment.

Environmental Policy

Nihon Parkerizing Hiroshima Works maintain harmony such as an earth's environment and a local community, and contribute to the prosperity and sustainable society through the business.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Key Activities

Course of Action

1 We must respect the environment laws to prevent environmental pollution, and coexist with social and community.

2 Listening to the demands of society on the environment and reflecting them in our business activities.

3 Promote the provision of eco-friendly products to reduce CO2 emission; and set the "environmental objectives and targets" which are regularly reviewed, to implement the continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

4 Transmit the environmental policy and objectives for all employees to raise an awareness of one's environmental consciousness.

5 Promote 5S activities to maintain a work environment that are friendly to health and safety.

* Our group corporation, Shin-Nihon Kaihatsu company limited and Sign company limited, also conduct to implement the environmental protection activities in accordance with our environment system.

CO2 Reduction Activities

We carry out an improvement of factory productivity and equipment through environmental planning to set the CO2 emissions reduction targets.

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