Road Safety Equipment Division

We have engaged in traffic sign manufacturing and installation in Japan since 1946.
Currently, the traffic signs have progress to globalization and diversification, and there are many new traffic sign have appeared in today's world, we also cope with the evolution of traffic sign as well.
We will contribute to improve the road safety through relationship with traffic signs and road signs.

Traffic Sign

Design, Layout - Make a proposal of easily comprehensible signs on the scene.
Manufacturing - Traffic sign board, column and attachment plugs in factory.
Installation - Foundation work, column electing and traffic sign board attaching.
Sales - All kinds of traffic signs and related traffic safety devices.

Internally Illuminated Signboard

Internal illuminated sign consists of box, lighting lamp and translucent film for surface. This type of traffic sign has an advantage of legibility with using electricity.As regards the lighting device, we have adopted florescent lamp, LED lamp and LED unit. The LED lamp provides compatibility with florescent lump. LED unit makes it possible to adjust the brightness.
We have abundant experience of manufacturing and construction results in this businesses.

Retroreflective Traffic Sign

In the night, traffic sign looks bright when it is illuminated by the headlight due to its retroreflectivity. The retro reflective traffic sign is the most popular and we can see it all around Japan.
Every traffic sign looks same at glance but our products have total confidence such as our skills and know-how which we have been cultivated more than half a century.
We will contribute to support road safety and comfortable life.

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