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Aerospace Division

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We provide advanced surface treatment technologies and a quality control systems to aerospace related industries.

Metal Surface Treatment Division

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We perform the sales of surface treatment chemicals and commission manufacturing for the purpose of providing rust protection, coating bases, lubrication, anti-friction, heat treatment, etc. of metal in various industrial fields.

Road Safety Equipment Division

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We handle various types of traffic safety equipment aiming for secure, safe and comfortable traffic environments.
All possible services, from design, manufacturing, and construction to maintenance are provided by this division.

Equipment Design Division

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We perform total design and construction of various equipment, mainly coating and surface treatment for various products, including transportation related equipment, electrical products and building materials, etc. according to the plans and characteristics of customers.

Architectural Function Division

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In response to the needs for high standards, quality designs, and total cost reductions of construction, we provide application of films with various functions and other construction related work according to the intentions of the customer.

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