Create a society where everyone
lives a safe and comfortable life

In order to create a society where everyone lives a safe and comfortable life, Nihon Parkerizing Hiroshima Works Co., Ltd. provides various products and services surrounding our daily life based on the theme of safe and comfortable. Our company will continue to evolve further, aiming for a company that broadly contributes to the world, always keeping the realization of ordinary happiness in daily life in mind.
Each employee can contribute to society through their work. I would like the company to feel happiness in it's contributions to society for the future.


We are expanding our business in Japan and overseas in various fields, from total support concerning surface treatment, road traffic safety equipment to the construction field, and other fields. We will also continue to promote our business expansion beyond the range of the imaginable.


Our company, which started with surface treatment technology, is now undergoing a business expansion closely related to all possible settings in daily life, and will continue to contribute to the world with our technology accumulated over many years.

As well as reducing the environmental impact in good faith based on our own recognition, we will always endeavor to provide products and services friendly to people and the environment.


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Aerospace Division

We provide advanced surface treatment technologies and a quality control systems to aerospace related industries.

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Metal Surface
Treatment Division

We perform the sales of surface treatment chemicals and commission manufacturing for the purpose of providing anti-rust, coating bases, lubrication, anti-friction, heat treatment, etc. of iron and steel metal in various industrial fields.

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Road Safety
Equipment Division

We handle various traffic safety equipment aiming for secure, safe and comfortable traffic environments. All possible services, from design, manufacturing, and construction to maintenance are provided by this division.

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Equipment Design Division

Design Division

We perform total design and construction of various equipment, mainly coating and surface treatment for various products, including transportation related equipment, electrical products and building materials, etc. according to the plans and characteristics of customers.

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Functional Construction
Materials Division

In response to the needs for high standards, quality designs, and total cost reductions of construction, we provide application of films with various functions and other construction related work according to the intentions of the customer.

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Our company has been contributing to energy savings and resource savings in the industrial world, by preventing rust and abrasion of metal through metal surface treatment which is the main business for our company. However, on the other hand, it is a fact that environmental impact has also occurred by corporate activities.
We believe that it is our responsibility to reduce environmental impact based on our own recognition, and always endeavor to provide products and services friendly to people and the environment.

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Certifications and Accreditations


Our company acquired Nadcap: CP (Chemical Processing) accreditation.
* Dejima Plant: Initial acquisition on December 28, 2012
* Gotsu Plant: Initial acquisition on February 8, 2016

* Nadcap is a global accreditation program for special processes in the aerospace industry, administered by an NPO, the Performance Review Institute (PRI) in the U.S. The Nadcap subscribers are leading global aerospace companies including prime manufacturers, such as Boeing, Airbus, GE, RR, and Honeywell. Acquisition of the Nadcap accreditation is imposed as a condition to perform subcontract manufacturing, when special processes are included in products ordered to suppliers from each of the prime manufacturers.

Aerospace Quality
Management System

BSK ISO ISO 9001 BSK-0342
JIS Q 9100 BSKA 0251

Surface treatment process of Non-ferrous Metal
(Anodizing, Chemical Conversion Coating, Adhesive Primer Application)

Quality Management System
Environmental Management System

KHK ISO 9001-01QR-642
ISO 9001-03QR-1018
ISO 14001-02ER-268

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